What is an Osteopath?


Osteopaths work with their hands to diagnose and change the mechanics of the framework of the body so that it works as well as it can, allowing the body to move more efficiently and thus save energy! Osteopaths have trained for at least 4 years full-time, studying detailed anatomy and physiology, pathology and lots of practical techniques, practising on other students as well as patients visiting the popular clinics attached to the school of their training; a high standard is achieved by those who are successful in passing the gruelling exams that an osteopath has to pass.


The body’s natural ability to repair itself is sometimes hindered by mechanical and other problems, and the osteopath may advise on posture, diet, water intake, lifestyle or exercises, which, if followed, can considerably accelerate the patient’s progress. All our osteopaths are keen to help their patients understand and thus assist their own condition, so that by helping themselves, they will ultimately require only minimum intervention by the osteopath!